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How can we create a more productive work environment?

Posted on 17th December 2015

How can we create a more productive work environment?

Most of us spend the majority of our time at work. Therefore the design of our working environment matters a great deal. Creating the right environment for your business will increase the productivity, happiness and motivation of your employees. Whether you want to redesign your entire office space or make small tweaks to your space over time, allowing your work space to evolve with your business. Your work space should reflect your business. The colours you choose for your walls, artwork, amenities and gathering spaces can enhance your brand and your employee productivity.

One of the main elements in creating a better, healthier work environment is the Physical environment. This is something we can easily change and adapt to suit our business and our employees. The main factors of to consider are how to make our work environment clean, comfortable, organised, with well-decorated, with high quality equipment, extra amenities and a relaxing atmosphere. Adding a fresh coat of paint and/or new flooring are just the basics in creating the best environment for your business.

Lighting is very important, providing natural light where possible as poor lighting can affect your employee's health, creating eyestrain, blurred vision and headaches. On the other hand, good lighting will energise your employees all day.

 Add living plants such as pot plants, wall plants, trees or air plants. Plants are more than something nice to look at, they clean our air from pollutants, add oxygen and humidity to the internal environment. They filter the internal air, which fights against common office illnesses. Recent NASA research shows common household plants are capable of converting chemical air pollutants into harmless substances.

The organisation of your work space – clean, clear desk leads to clear thinking and reduces stress. Use of Feng shui can help to do this effectively.

Colours are possibly the most important factor in our work environment. Colour therapy dates back to Ancient Egypt. Scientific studies show colours bring about emotional reactions. It is a fact that colours affect us however colour is now so much a part of our lives that we often take it for granted. Useful colours in the work environment are:

Orange rubber flooring – Stimulates creativity

Yellow rubber flooring – Intensifies intellect and heightens motivation

Red rubber flooring – Energises

Blue rubber flooring – Calming, fights physical and mental tension

Green rubber flooring – Fights irritability and has a healing effect on the body

We are often drawn to the colours we will benefit from in our lives. It would be ideal to use different colours for different areas within your work space. Choosing colours from the first three above for areas of where most of the work is carried out as well as communal areas where team creativity and collaboration can take place. It is equally important to provide areas of relaxation and calm where people can go to unwind and have a change of scenery.

Colours are a big part of DRF Rubber flooring culture and brand. We offer the largest selection of colours in rubber flooring you will find on the market in the UK and Ireland. There are over 80 colours to choose from as well as patterns that replicate natural stone, marble and granite. In addition to this we have a stunning range of relief rubber flooring and micro-reliefs rubber flooring that provide even more choice with added texture and feel to the material. Rubber flooring is already a tactile material and the addition of reliefs provides further interest.

Marbre rubber flooringTexture creates patterns and this can be complimented by the colour and environment in which it will be situated. In addition to this we offer a realistic stone effect ranges. Marbre rubber flooring is a stunning product where you can combine two or more colours. Here is an example of the Marbre in three colours, with calming coastal blues, energetic stone red and white gives the look and feel of water crashing against rocks. In contrast to this the alpha relief with its round circle pattern is more fun and combined with bolder colours will spark creativity and energy.

In conclusion there are lots of small changes we can all make to our work environment in order to increase our own and our employee's productivity, happiness and wellbeing. Whether you choose to do everything or allow your work space to evolve gradually by adding an air-cleaning plant or a beautiful colourful rubber floor to stimulate yourself and your employees you will be improving your working life.

For further information please visit the rubber flooring range where you will find all of the commercial rubber flooring tiles we supply to the commercial market in the UK and Ireland.