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DRF Commercial Rubber Flooring - Technical Information

Cleaning and maintenance of Rubber Flooring:

Aftercare service guide - PDF download.

Special qualities and technical data sheets:

Technical Data Sheets -PDF download

Properties of all DRF rubber products:

•    Excellent ageing resistance
•    Absolute dimensional stability (when installed with approved adhesive)
•    Will not shrink or expand (seam welding not required)
•    Colourfast, ultra violet and ozone resistant – blue scale >6
•    Resistant to dilute acid and most chemical products
•    Rot-proof (can be installed in saline conditions)
•    Suitable for use on sub-floors with under-floor heating (<27 degrees C)
•    Anti-static (recommended for computer use)
•    Anti-bacterial formulation (recommended for hospital use)
•    Noise reducing (absorbs impact noise)
•    Anti-slip
•    Water absorption <0.2%
•    Cigarette burn resistant

Specialised Environments:

•    MFR (Marine Fire Resistant) – meets current legislation requirements for use to IMO Res MSC 61(67) on all registered shipping

•    WFR (Wall Fire Resistant) to S5476 class 0 – for internal walls and ceilings
•    EFR Extra Flame Resistant – developed for hovercraft/aviation use
•    Low smoke and Extra Flame Resistant – for particularly high risk areas eg. Fire escape routes and tunnels
•    EUVS Extra UV Stabilised – for installations exposed to high levels of sunlight eg. Heavily glazed areas
•    Outdoor Quality – formulated for extra resistance to changes in temperature with UV stabilised colour pigments
•    Dissipative Electrically Conductive – for electrically sensitive areas eg. Operating theatres
•    Oil Resistant – for use in areas at risk of oil spillage eg. Drilling platforms, petrol stations and engine rooms.

 Bespoke Colours:

We have an extensive range of over 80 standard colours however if you cannot find an exact match to your corporate colours or have a specific shade in mind it is possible for us to manufacture this for you at an additional cost. Please contact us for more information. 

grey Image 2 Alpha Relief in Citron Vert - our most popular relief texture Image 4 Image 5 Uni Smoth in Bleu Ciel - used extensively across all markets Marbre Bjorn Borg retail outlet