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DRF (France) Ltd: Commercial rubber flooring manufactured in France

Introducing DRF (France) Ltd

DRF are a fresh combination of knowledgeable professionals. DRF were approached by a trusted, worldwide manufacturer of exceptional commercial rubber Flooring to become their Exclusive UK Distributors due to their wealth of experience within the flooring industry.

This is possibly the most exciting time within the building industry in that we have as a country stepped out of our comfort zone not only in designing exceptional architecture throughout our history but now we are faced with the immense responsibility of making sure we look after our environment for the future of our country and the rest of the world. Design, manufacturing, building practices and much more have been and will continue to be scrutinised for meeting high environmental and social standards. This ultimately means everyone involved in any aspect of the built environment needs to work together to make sure they are equally committed to this as the next person/business.

At DRF (France) Ltd we take our environmental responsibility very seriously: 95% of all of our commercial rubber flooring can be manufactured in Natural Rubber. (one of the world's most sustainable resources) DRF commercial rubber flooring offer excellent insulation, helping towards a more efficient building envelope.

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